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Cinemawalanews24– an entertainment online portal begins its journey in February, 2022, with the aim of providing rich and original content of Entertainment sector for Bangladesh and around the world. Its medium is entertainment journalism on the internet. Because of its beautiful write-ups and smart presentation with unique layout and design, Cinemawalanews24 quickly won the hearts of people, who truly are enjoying to see entertainment based various contents. Cinemawalanews24 brings out the latest news, features, images, videos, etc. on celebrities, cinema, OTT, television, music, theatre, festival i.e., everything related to entertainment. Cinemawalanews24 uses an aesthetic approach to offer these items to its readers on daily basis. Also Cinemawalanews24 want to encourage Bangladeshi Showbiz Industry to go ahead globally.

Cinemawalanews24 is the one and only Showbiz related Bangla language website in Bangladesg. Our portal is accessed from around 50 different countries and territories across the world.

Values and Principles
The most contributing factor behind the unparalleled popularity of Cinemawalanews24 is the values and principles we adhere to:

Professional Journalism
We practice transparent, objective and original journalism

We look beyond the ordinary; we progress with innovation and uniqueness

Sources of Our Uniqueness
Cinemawalanews24 is firmly committed to the ideals of democracy, communal harmony and the spirit of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Our bias is only toward the Showbiz Industry and its related peoples and not toward any party or group. Cinemawalanews24 is objective, uncompromising, and neutral in presenting news. We are equally respectful toward women, children, and all minorities and we value everyone in a family, from the oldest to the youngest.

Our dedicated journalists follow the strict journalism ethics that Cinemawalanews24 has formulated as policy. Moreover, Cinemawalanews24 has also drawn up a mandatory code of ethics for reporting on women and children related issues.

If the strength of Cinemawalanews24 lies in its values and principles, then its source of inspiration is its readers. They are its final arbiters, its ultimate owners. They keep Cinemawalanews24 alive each day, and encourage it to march toward the future. Cinemawalanews24 is, thus, ultimately accountable to its readers.

Cinemawalanews24 have various social media platforms. We sharing our news with these platforms.

Sister Concerns
Cinemawalanews24, which belongs to Cinemawala, has the following sister concerns:

Cinemawalabd: Dramas, songs, music videos, and many other interesting features are published in this Youtube channel.

Cinemawala Entertainment: Drama based Youtube channel.

Cinemawala Music: Music based Youtube channel.

Cinemawala Natok: Drama based Youtube channel.